For Authors

Conditions of publication:

Article must be actual, contain a statement of tasks (problems), description of the main results obtained and conclusions and to comply with the rules of registration.

To publish articles with unique text of at least 70%.

Address the following materials are accepted:

1) Author Information (EN):

  • Surname, Name and Middle name;
  • Country, city (village);
  • Academic rank;
  • Academic degree;
  • Position;
  • Place of work (study) in the nominative case;
  • E-mail.

2) The text of the article:

  • Title (EN);
  • Abstract (no less than 17 lines) (EN);
  • Keywords (7-10 words) (EN);
  • The text of the article;
  • References (recommended quantity: more than 10 sources).
  • Photography: with a resolution of not less than 500 x 500 pixels in any graphic format

The rules of the article:

Article size (format A4) — from 5 up to 15 pages
File format — Word document (*.doc or *.docx)
Font — Times New Roman
Font size — 14 PT
Line spacing – single
All margins — 20 mm
Tables and graphs – in Word, Excel or jpeg pictures

Aftertext references in the text of the article is obligatory.

Articles are accepted on a fixed schedule:

in No. 1 (first quarter) by 15 March of the current year (issue 1 April);
in No. 2 ( second quarter), until 15 June of the current year (issue 1 July);
in No. 3 (third quarter) by 15 September of the current year (issue 1 October);
in No. 4 (fourth quarter)— up to 15 December of the current year (1 January);


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