Рublisher’s policy:

STATE COUNSELOR is a scientific adviser for executive power bodies on efficient governmental administration and regulation in various spheres of economics: agriculture, transport, construction, communication, culture, education, health care, social insurance etc.

The editorial staff has paid much attention to the following aspects of investigating the governmental subdivisions on management by economic systems: governmental control by structural reorganizations in national economics; governmental regulation of agriculture and other branches of agroindustrial complex; governmental regulation in the sphere of capital construction, housing and municipal economy, on real estate market; to investigating the forms and methods of governmental regulation telecommunication and electronic communication agencies; governmental regulation and support of entrepreneurial activities; peculiarities of governmental policy development and implementation in economic and social spheres; governmental pricing policies; governmental regulation and support of companies, establishments and associations acting in the sphere of culture, education and health care.

Мission of our periodical:

Communicating the up to date achievements in social and economic science; actualization of modern economic challenges both in Russia and abroad; consolidation of expert opinion on the issues of governmental service and governmental regulation development in social and economic sphere.

Scope and objectives:

Our periodical publishes original scientific articles of theoretical and practical character in the sphere of economic science as per the following main branches:

  • Economics, оrganizing and managing the companies, branches, associations,
  • Innovations management,
  • Regional economics,
  • Logistics,
  • Labor economics,
  • Population economics and demography,
  • Economics of natural resources management,
  • Business economics,
  • Маrketing,
  • Мanagement,
  • Pricing,
  • Economic security,
  • Standardization and goods quality management,
  • Land management,
  • Management in education.

Open access policy:




All articles of the journal are in a free access for downloading, which helps to improve scientific information exchange, increase of citations of authors.



All works are licensed under CC BY-SA


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