Business model of activity

The Economic Consultant journal follows the Gold Open Access financial model. This means that authors publish their articles in the public domain.

Gold Open Access has the advantage that publications become available from the moment of publication, i.e. they go into operational use (reading, citing, etc.). Moreover, the open content license provides ample opportunities for its operation.

Author fees

The fee is charged only if the manuscript has undergone the procedure of scientific editing, reviewing and has been accepted for publication.

The business model of the journal’s activities is based on the authors paying for publishing services including the preparation of the article for publication (processing charges):

  • Text processing (Font: Times New Roman; Size: 14; Interval: single; All fields: 2 cm) – 10 USD/page
  • Chart processing – 5 USD/piece.
  • Formula rocessing – 5 USD/piece.

Journal have not article submission charges.


The journal is not engaged in promotional activities.