About the journal

Economic Consultant (Previous title – State counsellor)

The Economic Consultant journal is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific publication. The mission of the journal is to disseminate scientific research related to the actualization of modern socio-economic problems both in Russia and abroad; to cover the latest achievements of socio-economic sciences; to consolidate the expert opinion on the problems of management development in the economic sphere.

The Economic Consultant journal is a scientific consultant on effective public administration and regulation in various sectors of the social sphere and economy: agriculture, transport, construction, communications, economics of education and health, social welfare, etc.

Editorial staff is governed in its activities by the principles of scientificity, professionalism, objectivity, transparency with regard of scientifically based innovations in social and economic sphere, keeping the norms of publisher’s ethics.

Targeted audience for our periodical make: governmental and municipal officials; executives, experts and research officers; domestic and foreign specialists as per the branches of socio-economic and legal sciences; academic teaching staff; doctoral candidates, postgraduates and students of Russian and foreign universities and scientific teams.

E-mail editorial: economic-consultant@mail.ru


  • has the international standard serial number ISSN 2686-9012

Previous title: Gosudarstvennyj sovetnik; Parallel title: the State counsellor

Current Issue:

2020. Vol. 30. No. 2.

Recent Issues:


19-01 19-02 Title 19-04

1 18-02 18-03 04

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