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A lot of newly established periodicals aiming at international recognition face the problem of finding foreign editors and authors of articles. It is more difficult for periodicals that are not included in respected databases to compete in attracting new authors with more reputable ones.

There are quite a few recommendations for promoting a journal in order to involve potential authors who want to submit their articles to the journal. However, practical experience suggests that it is quite a challenge to involve foreign authors.

In attracting high-quality materials, it is necessary to employ a multi-faceted approach to the development of a periodical concerning the following issues: the website of the journal; its content; cooperation with authors; use of external resources.

It is vital to revise the duties of the editorial board members, who prepare up-to-date reviews in related areas and journal headings that cover a range of issues concerning an international audience or trigger a scientific dialogue among overseas authors.

For citation: Ostapenko, R. I. (2021). Strategies for attracting foreign authors to a new journal. Economic consultant, 36 (4), 26-32. doi: 10.46224/ecoc.2021.4.3


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