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Introduction. The issue of goal-setting in management in general and in public administration, in particular, is one of the most relevant and important for management theory and practice. The purpose hereof is to study and reveal the mechanism of goal-setting in management.

Materials and methods. The article is based on Korogodin’s theory of goal-oriented systems. The works on public administration, social construction and management, as well as foreign research on organizational management and business, are used herein.

Results. A simple classification of typical management errors from the standpoint of the theory of goal-oriented systems is given: those related to goals, resources, operators, and by-products.

Discussion and conclusion. The potential of using the teleonomic systems approach for the analysis of problem situations in management has been demonstrated. A strict and logical classification makes it possible to algorithmize the management decision-making process.

Keywords: system, goal-oriented systems of activity, management decision, limited resource approach, resolution of social contradictions, V.I. Korogodin

For citation: Sosnin, E. A., & Poisner, B. N. (2021). Classification of management errors within the scope of the basic notions of Korogodin’s theory of goal-oriented systems. Economic consultant, 33 (1), 5-15. doi: 10.46224/ecoc.2021.1.2


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Eduard A. Sosnin (Russian Federation, Tomsk) – Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, Professor of Innovation Management Faculty. Tomsk State University. E-mail: badik@loi.hcei.tsc.ru. Scopus ID: 7003325632. ReseacherID: L-8069-2019

Boris N. Poizner (Russian Federation, Tomsk) – Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor of Radiophysical Faculty. Tomsk State University. E-mail: pznr@mail.tsu.ru. Scopus ID: 6602649710

Received: Jan 6, 2021 | Accepted: Feb 2, 2021 | Published: Mar 1, 2021
Editor: Viktor Tsvetkov, Moscow State Technical University of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation, RUSSIA.
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