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This study is aimed to study the mechanisms that contribute to increasing the economic independence of universities, which in conditions of high dependence on-budget funding is exceptionally relevant in Russia. Even though the share of extra-budgetary revenues is growing at most Russian universities, this growth is heterogeneous and partly due to the “low base effect”.

To determine the factors of economic independence of universities, we used data on the 49 largest universities in Russia over four years, taken from monitoring the effectiveness of higher educational institutions. The primary research method is regression analysis using panel data models.

The analysis reveals that the share of extra-budgetary funds of the university is positively influenced by factors such as the number and quality of publications, the number of journals published by the university, and the ratio of employees to the regional average. These dependencies are important in the long-term comprehensive planning of university activities.

Keywords: university economics; higher education management; university strategy; university competitiveness; entrepreneurial universities; extrabudgetary revenues; scientometrics

For citation: Sandler, D. G., & Gladyrev, D. A. (2020). Factors influencing on extra budgetary income of leading Russian universities: econometric analysis. Economic consultant, 30 (2), 36-47. doi: 10.46224/ecoc.2020.2.4


Information about the authors: 

Daniil G. Sandler (Russia, Ekaterinburg) – PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management, Leading Researcher, Research Laboratory for University Development Issues, Vice-Rector (Economics and Strategy). Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin. E-mail: d.g.sandler@urfu.ru. Scopus ID: 56581474400

Dmitry A. Gladyrev (Russia, Ekaterinburg) – Senior Lecturer at Department of Economics. Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin. E-mail: d.a.gladyrev@urfu.ru. Scopus ID: 57208191401