3rd quater 2022

Regional Economics

M. V. Zverev, K. M. Shestakova, A. N. Novgorodtseva, A. Yu. Dudchik – Development opportunities in Yekaterinburg as a university city

Business Economics

A. V. Diachkova, N. P. Morozov, R. O. AhmineevBusiness architecture of the platform model in the context of digital transformation: the case of Sberbank

Labor and Demographic Economics

V. S. Filinova – Personnel management as an integrated system for designing the HR service of an educational organization: a development strategy

N. L. Fetisova – Corporate culture as a tool for the making an effective HR management system in an educational organization

Management in Education, Health and Welfare

O. N. Tomyuk – Modern corporate university in the context of global digitalization: marketing of educational products