2nd quarter 2020



Economics, organization and management of enterprises, industries, complexes

A. V. Kuchumov, E. V. Pecheritsa, A. M. Vorontsova – Risks of managerial control at service enterprises

Regional economy

S. V. Konovalenkov – Digital transformation of obtaining data for an express assessment of regional sustainable development

Valentina S. Vasilyeva – Structural and spatial priorities of socio-economic development and their implementation in the territory of the Rostov region (Russian Federation)

Management in education

D. G. Sandler, D. A. Gladyrev – Factors influencing on extra budgetary income of leading Russian universities: econometric analysis

N. B. Kirillovа, O. N. Tomyuk, M. A. Dyachkova – Educational segment of modern media market: features and trends in digitalization

L. A. Kravchenko, N. R. Pashuk, A. A. Vertinova, I. A. Bedrachuk – Trends and priority areas of state policy development in higher education for the period of 2000-2020

Labor Economics

V. K. Egorov – Human capital and effective development