1st quarter 2022


International Economics

A. Diachkova, A. Kontoboitseva – Economic Benefits of gender equality: comparing EU and BRICS countries

Business Economics

O. N. Tomyuk, O. А. Avdeeva – Digital transformation of the global media market: in search for new media formats

A. V. Shutaleva, A. N. Novgorodtseva, O. S. Ryapalova – Self-presentation in Instagram: promotion of a personal brand in social networks

Monetary Economics

A. Shakil, Kh. Imran – The impact of globalization, foreign direct investment and trade openness on poverty: a case study of Pakistan

Management in Education, Health and Welfare

M. Tuzubekova, G. Kazizova, I. Sarybaeva, G. Zhunussova – Social policy of the state and the role of state programs in solving the problems of social protection of the population