1st quarter 2020



Economics, organization and management of enterprises, industries, complexes

E. V. Boldanova, N. P. Bakalenko – Concession agreements as a means of attracting investment in transport infrastructure

Regional economy

Dmitry N. Kiselev – Organization of the social and economic space
of territories employing cluster and network structures

Valentina S. Vasilyeva – Assessment of the degree of accounting for global sustainable development goals in the Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of the Rostov Region (the Russian Federation) until 2030

Economics of natural resources management

Yuri R. Achokh – Improvement of the economic efficiency of protective forest plantations
in the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation

Business economics

Tatiana S. Shipunova – Principles of public-private partnerships as a form of social entrepreneurship


Andrei S. Galkin, Ilya N. Gurov, Sergey S. Studnikov – Accounting mechanism for information signals about the imposition of sanctions in valuation of a company